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Episode 44

If you listen to banks and their explanations of what they are doing about climate change, you might get the impression that most "get it" and are fighting it shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of humanity.

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In fact, banks are funding enough carbon-intensive projects and companies to guarantee a 4°C rise or above in global warming, with their eyes wide open and in full cognizance of the facts.

This episode on banks is the first in a series by The Angry Clean Energy Guy focused on the key actors in our global financial system – from banks to insurance companies, accountants, lawyers, rating agencies and institutional investors – and exposing who is really fighting climate change and who is pretending to while in reality putting short-term profit over people, health and planet.

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There is so much to be angry about, if you are a clean energy guy.

Every day, so many things that happen around the world make me angry when I look at them with lenses colored by the climate change chaos unfolding everywhere around us. And I am especially angry because I know we can solve the climate change crisis if we were only trying.

Each week, I will share with you a few topics that struck me and that I was very angry about – and this will generally have to do with climate change, solar or wind power, plastic pollution, environmental degradation, wildlife, the oceans and other related topics.

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