“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”


Episode 55

The Angry Clean Energy Guy on a little known, secretive, stealthy tool undermining climate action, the innocuously named the Energy Charter Treaty, threatening to ensure global heating exceeds 2 degrees Celsius by driving tens of billions of dollar more to Big Oil, Big Gas and Big Coal 

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Episode 54

“COP26,” the 26th year pretty much all the countries in the world convened in an annual conference to talk about what to do about the climate catastrophe, will result – just like its preceding 25 editions – in talk, then in some more talk. That’s because real climate action doesn’t happen at these annual climate meetings: It takes place instead elsewhere, at individual country level, when local action results in stopping deforestation; in accelerating renewable energy deployment and electrifying everything; and in stopping any new oil, gas or coal projects.   

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Episode 53

The Angry Clean Energy Guy on pretty much everything you really need to know about nuclear energy. That’s for example the fact that conventional nuclear energy is not only finished, but has also become a massive distraction in our climate emergency, diverting precious dollars away from sun, wind and water. Or the fact that nuclear fusion is worthy of investing enormously more money and careers in, even if we won’t have a result for 50 or 100 years (who knows), because limitless, clean and around around-the-clock power will most likely be our most amazing scientific achievement ever, and because it’s already made more progress than expected

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