“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”


Episode 61

While India was roasting under a record heatwave; the Amazon was recording record after record of deforestation destruction; dust storms were sending thousands to hospital in Iraq; Ethiopia was facing its worst drought in at least 40 years; and global average atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations were reaching their highest level on record for any calendar month in April, consultants McKinsey were busy preparing yet another report obfuscating the reasons why climate finance flows continue to be appallingly inadequate.

Perhaps the McKinsey consultants should consider stopping to “research” and publish reports that waste hundreds of people’s time and are filled with platitudes, and consider instead quitting to act on climate instead. Enough with the time wasting: we should be developing and implementing tools which allow citizens to take direct climate action at scale. 

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Episode 60

The Angry Clean Energy Guy on why your “luxury cruise” is just a floating garbage trash can; how the shipping industry in its entirety has gone rogue in terms of climate action, ocean pollution and public health impact; and why the International Maritime Organization needs to be either fundamentally restructured or closed: it’s not fit for purpose and it’s doing everything in its power to do absolutely nothing at all.

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Episode 59

The Angry Clean Energy Guy on the top 5 climate action myths busted by the Ukraine war: the different ways governments and big business had justified, sometime for decades, why they couldn’t take this or that climate action, then suddenly took them in days in a different context. And on why we should label “non-sense” anything we read about why we should not immediately break our addiction to oil and gas and coal and instead – as argued by fossil fuel stooges – we should ramp up destructive fracking or build LNG terminals 

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